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Antipasti (A ppetizers)                                                CALAMARI FRITTI  $8.50                                    Fried calamari ser v ed                      w/ lemon wedges and marinara sauce MOZZARELLA EN CAR R OZZA (3)   $8.95   Deep fried mozzarella ser v ed with tomato sauce MOZZARELLA CAPRESE  $8.50   Thin slices of fresh mozzarella and tomatoes   g arnished with basil and roasted peppers GAMBERI  $10.95   Grilled marinated shrimp with portobella mushrooms BR USCHETT A    $5.95   T oasted Italian bread topped with chopped   tomatoes, basil and g arlic B UFF ALO WINGS  (1 Doz) $7.95 (2 Doz) $14.95   Mild or Hot - Serv ed with   celery and blue cheese dressing ONION RINGS $3.95 FRENCH FRIES $2.50 POPPERS  $5.95   Breaded jalapeno peppers GARLIC BREAD  $2.95   Fresh toasted Italian bread dipped in fresh g arlic & b utter CHICKEN FINGERS  $6.95   Breaded tenderloins ser v ed with our   homemade hon e y mustard sauce MOZZARELLA STIX (6)   $6.50   Breaded mozzarella ser v ed with tomato sauce MUSSELS FRA DI A V OLO   $8.95   mussels in a spic y tomato sauce EGGPLANT R OLLA TINI   $7.95   Stuf fed e ggplant with ricotta cheese,   topped with marinara sauce SA USA GE AND BR OCCOLI RABE   $8.95   Sautéed in ol i v e oil and g arlic
Zuppa (Soup)      
Insalate  (Salads) CAESAR SALAD  $5.75           WITH GRILLED CHICKEN    $7.95           WITH SHRIMP   $9.95 HOUSE SALAD  $5.25   Fresh g arden salad ser v ed with tomatoes,   cucumbers, carrots, red onion and black ol i v es           WITH GRILLED CHICKEN    $7.95           WITH SHRIMP   $9.95 MIXED B ABY GREENS    $5.95   Mix ed or g anically gr o wn greens, blue cheese,   w alnuts and balsamic vinaigrette ANTIP AST O CLASSICO   Sm. $7.50 Lg. $9.75   Roasted peppe r , fresh mozzarella,   sun-dried tomatoes, prosciutto, salami,   ham, capocollo, ol i v es, pro v olone cheese   and balsamic vinaigrette GRILLED SHRIMP  $10.75   W ith Gor gonzola cheese, red onion and   bacon o v er mix ed greens CRANBER R Y -W ALNUT SALAD   $9.75   Grilled chic k e, cranberries, w alnuts, Gor gonzola   cheese, cucumbers and red onions o v er mix ed greens B UFF ALO CHICKEN SALAD    $8.75   Grilled chic k en with crumbled   blue cheese, red onions and   chopped tomatoes o v er   mix ed greens
VEAL P ARMIGIAN A   $8.95 CALIFORNIA CHICKEN SUB  $7.50   Breaded chic k en breast, bacon, cheese,   mayo, lettuce, tomato & red onion CHEESESTEAK  $7.50   Shredded steak, mushrooms, peppers,   onions and mozzarella cheese CHICKEN CHEESESTEAK  $7.50   Shredded chic k en, mushrooms, peppers,   onions and mozzarella IT ALIAN HO T DOG    $7.50   Potatoes, onions and peppers BR OOK L YN SUB   $7.50   Grilled chic k en, fresh mozzarella and roasted peppers
Dalla Griglia (Char coal Grill San d wiches) RIBEYE CHEESESTEAK  $8.95   W ith mushrooms, peppers & onions GRILLED CHICKEN  $7.50   Hone y mustard, lettuce, tomato & red onion GRILLED POR T OBELLA MUSHR OOM    $7.50   Marinated grilled portobella mushrooms with   pro v olone and sun-dried tomatoes and lettuce,   serv ed on French baguette BLA CK ANGUS CHEESE B URGER 8oz.   $6.95   Serv ed w/lettuce, tomato, red onion & fries   WITH B A CON   $7.95
P anini Fr eddi (Cold Sand wiches) garnished with lettuce, tomato, red onion, oil & vinegar TURKEY  $6.75 TURKEY & CHEESE  $6.95 HAM & CHEESE  $6.25 HAM, SALAMI, PR O V OLONE    $6.50 IT ALIAN SUB   $6.75   Ham, salami, capocollo and pr o v olone TUN A FISH   $6.25 FRESH MOZZARELLA, R O ASTED PEPPER & PR OSCIUTT O    $7.50
      CUP BO WL MINESTR ONE   $2.95 $3.95 IT ALIAN   WEDDING   $3.95 $4.95 P AST A E F A GIOLI   $3.95 $4.95   Italian cannellini beans and pasta
P anini Caldi (Hot Sand wiches)
EGGPLANT P ARMIGIAN A                                  $6.95 CHICKEN P ARMIGIAN A                                    $6.95 MEA TB ALL P ARMIGIAN A                                  $6.95 SA USA GE P ARMIGIAN A                                   $6.95